Fall to peices

I fall to peices,
when you are not near.
Though I know that you love me still.
It’s better when you are
close to me and not far.
I shall stay here in peaces
till you return.
I shall be alone.
When you return,
you shall rebuild the peaces of me.
And make me hole again.


I dream of you

I dream of you,
though I have never seen
your face.
Only in a photograph.
I wait here still
In the night
to see if you will come
again in my dreams.


I lone for thee
In every sense
I can taste you
Feel you on my skin
See you even in my dreams
I lone for thee.


I hear the church bells
as I pass in the early morn
with mist that still
rests on the ground.

Not many are awake
except for I
and the song full birds.

I see as I near the church
several people dressed un there best
heading to the singing church
for it is Sunday.


Not knowing where he’s going
With that music playing in his ears,
So loud and demanding.


Thou I write this poem
I prefer not to speak
their words.
For the voice that
speaks the words in my head
say it better then I
ever could with my voice
so I shant give my
poems words to speak
out loud.

My mind flutters

My mind flutters
at your thought
the way that you look at me
and how you tend to drop the subject so easly
when i ask you something.
but you think that i can not see your feeling
when you look at me.
though i wish i could read your mind so many times
because you just keep me at a distence.
though i think you like me more then you let on.