Bless this child
sitting under your holy roof
he prays to you
for a new life to behold,
of new family and of home.


Song of my mother

Song of my mother
I listen to the song
of my mother
that she sings so sweetly
more then
the birds song in Spring.

The moon and stars

The moon and stars
are out tonight
as I sit here in the dark,
music plays softly in the house
a cold breeze passes over me
but I don’t feel it.
I let out a sigh and
find my breath can be seen.

My love

My love
Loves me like a summer breeze
I know from his kisses.
That his love will never leave me
or deceive me.
That I can give him all of my heart
to be broken.

Winter walking

Winter walking is grand
As you take my hand
As we walk in the falling snow
That falls around us.

Love not found

Love not found
My love in my heart
Can’t be given to just any
He has not been found
wondering near me.
For I have heard his
Or have I?
Maybe it breaths load and clear
next to my ear
but I do not hear it.

Dancing in the rain

Dancing in the rain
Today it stormed and
I found myself in your arms.
We danced as the rain fell
socking us through.
I must say that it was romantic
and I wish to remember it forever
till my dieing day.