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Ivy Phillips Born 1879 and Jackson Lewis Born 1877. Both die in a car accident in 1907.
Minerva Phillips Born 1884 age 24. Lost contact with her sister after she married. Is living fare away off of her parent’s money. After her sister’s death she is given custody of her nephew. She moves into her sisters house but sells it after a year to live else where wanting her and Reuben to have a new start. She buys a small estate to live in hoping things will work out fine. Is happy that Reuben has finally made some friends.
Reuben Lewis Born 1901 age 7. Dose not like his aunt very much after they moved from his parents house. He tries to understand why they moved and realize that it’s hard for his aunt to live in the house with the memories of his mother. Reuben starts school and hates it that he takes his time getting back home because he has no friends. Is happier after he meets Winnifred and Peter.
Edward West Born 1878 age 30. Works constantly trying not to think of his beloved wife. Is a scientist. He starts noticing Amelia and is attracted to her and starts thinking if he should court her.
One day on Reuben’s long way home it starts to ran and is forced to find shelter till it stops. But it gets dark so he tries to find his way to his friend’s house. Winnifred brings Reuben in out of the rain and into dry clothes so he doesn’t catch a cold. Comes home to find Reuben by the fire wearing one of his robes. Edward asks if his parents knew that he was here. He shakes his head. He asks where he lives because he is sure that someone is out looking for him. Reuben wants to call the house but is unable to because of the line being down. Minerva becomes worried when Reuben doesn’t come home after it had become dark. She goes out looking for him by herself aware that she might get hurt doing so in the dark. she knocks on everyone’s door till she hers from someone that they had seen him out bye the fields near the West’s house they point her in that direction. She heads that way. She drops her lantern and when she trips over a rock and falls over bumping her head. Edward decides that he will head to Reuben’s house to say that he would be there for the night. He heads off on his way to town he spots a light up ahead and sees that the person that carried it was face down in the mud. He rushes over to feel for a pulse he picks her up and carries her back to his house and sends his daughter for the doctor. Reuben is in shock when he sees that it is his aunt that is brought in unconscious. Edward undresses her and puts her in his bed to await the doctor. He notices Reuben watching closely. He figures that it is his mother. He says his mother will be okay. He states that she is not his mother but his aunt. He is taken back. He stays with the women forgetting to ask her name. He dresses her in one of his wife’s night gowns so that she would be at least descent when she woke. She awakes the next morning finding her self in a strange place and a strange man asleep in a chair. He wakes and she asks where she was and tires to get up saying she needs to find Reuben. He jumps up to stop her from moving out of bed. She is relieved that Reuben is here. When he wakes he finds the women watching him. He smiles and tells her where she was. He also stops her from getting out of bed. He brings Reuben in to insure her that he was there and well. Reuben comes in after he is summed by Edward and hugs his aunt there closer there after. Later when she is well he offers her a ride in his car which she refuses because of how her sister died. She calls for her carriage. Edward does not know how her sister died and thinks it odd that she dose not want a ride. A week after they arrive back home Edward stops by with the children to see how they where doing.
Lydia West Born 1881 Died 1903.
Winnifred West Born 1898 age 10. She meet Reuben when he passes by there house she think he looks very sad just like her that she be friends him.
Peter West Born 1903 age 5. Likes Reuben when he first meets him, wishing that he had a brother instead of a sister. Sits with Reuben while the doctor looks over his aunt.
Amelia HallBorn 1883 age 25. Is secretly in love with Edward and would like to be the mother of his two children.
Clement Harrison Born 1880 age 28.

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