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Scene 1

Music fills the room as we open upon a dinner party at the home of Jack and Betty Collins. All of there closest friends are present.

This is a wonderful party; you always know how to through the best ones Betty.

Yes, it’s truly is wonderful.

Thank you, but I can’t take all the credit; Jack helped.

(They giggle to them selfs.)

(Shift over to where Jack is standing)

Moving platform.

This is truly a wonderful party.

Betty has surly out did herself this time.

(Sam smiles as he watches Betty making her way towards them.)

Yes, i would have to agree. She always tries to out do the other parties.
(He smiles at the thought of his part in helping his wife with her party)
I’ll have to give her your comments after the party. I’m sure she will be pleased with the results.

Yes, I’m happy with the results. Don’t forget you helped to, so you should get some of the credit.

(She takes his arm he turns to her and smiles before giving her a small kiss.)

I didn’t forget.
(He smiles and she smiles back)
Shale we dance.

Well Thats up to you.

(He takes her hand and starts to dance with her.)

I’m glad to finally have you do myself.

That’s because there’s a party going on and i can’t be with you all night, though I would like to be.

I know dear. I want at least to have a dance with you before you have to get back to our guests.

(He gives her a small kiss)

Well we are.
(She smiles and gives a small laugh)
I’m glade there haven’t been any interruptions this time.

I know, I’m hoping work will stay out till Monday.

(He sighs knowing how many parties he has had to leave)

Hopefully, Mr. Walker will stay out of our business this time; or I might have to have several unlady like words with that man.

(She states becoming angry)

Now Betty calm down he’s not that bad Mr. Walker has a job to do and if he needs me to jump then I jump or I get fired.

Then jump.
(She stated more angry.)
(He jumps several times till she starts laughing.)
Stop it before people wonder what you are doing.

Alright but you need to kiss me first.

(She kisses him, he stops jumping)

I have to get back to serving so I’ll see you when the parties over.

(She gave him a kiss before heading back into the crowd)

Alright I’ll be hear if you need me for anything.

(He watches her for a moment as she headed into the crowed before turning back to his friends.)

(Betty walks around handing out food before hearing the phone. she heads into the den to answer it hoping that its not Jack’s work.)

Able to see Miss.Clark’s office.


(She crossed her fingers hoping that it wasn’t work.)

Good evening Mrs. Collins, Is Jack available to come to work. Mr. Walker is wishing to run somethings buy him before Monday.

(Betty sighed angrily her hatred towards Mr. Walker growing.)

Can you hold while I go retrieve him, where having a party.

Oh, I’m sorry that I’m interrupting, I’ll have a word with Johnathan later about interrupting.

(She stated a little annoyed)

Thank you I’m sure your words would be kinder then mine. This happens every time we have a party.

Well I must say that I’m truly sorry. You better retrieve him.

Alright, Jack will be here shortly, I’m going to get him.

(She put down the reserver and headed to find her husband.)

(She pats his back when she reached him he turns and find her rather annoyed.)

Is something wrong?


(She pouted at him. Jack became worried)

Is it the children?

(He stated fearing the weirs)

No, Father is not the one that called.

(He sighed and tried to say something to say that he’s sorry)

They want me in tonight!

Yes. Miss. Clark is on the phone in the Kitchen waiting to talk to you.

(She shrugged him off as she turned away. He touched her shoulder)

Betty, I’m so sorry. I don’t want to go work but we need money to live. Maybe I’ll be getting a promotion soon with all this overtime.
(He gives her a smile before kissing cheek as he headed for the kitchen to get the phone.)
(Jack walked back several minutes later to an angry Betty.)
I have to go. I don’t know when I’ll be back. I’ll try not to wake you when i get back.

That is if your back by then.

I’ll try and be back sometime to help clean up the mess.

(He kissed her lips before waving to his friends as he headed out the door)

Where did Jack have to go at this time of night.

Work again.

What, Mr. Walker’s calling him again.

Yes, this happens every time we have some form of celebration.

I’m sure Jack hates having to leave the party to go to work when he could just go in tomorrow and get as much work done as he is going to be doing.

I know that Mr.Walker is persistent and wants things done way before they need to be done. I worked under him for three years before I got out.

I have an idea let us move off the subject of Mr. Walker and have some fun. Your having a party with all your friends. And I would like to find my wife to check up on her to see how she’s doing.

(He patted Betty’s shoulder giving her a smile of reinsurance before heading of to find Millie.)

End Scene 1
Scene 2

Open on Mr. Walker’s office. Enter Miss. Clark and Mr. Walker having an argument.

Lauren, please calm down.

I will not. How dare you call in Mr. Collins in on a Saturday night. The man’s wife is furies with you for ruining another party.

Well there’s work to get done and I don’t like waiting till Monday to get it done. Any way Jack’s wife should button down it’s only a party there will be other ones. What kind of party was it?

I don’t know she did not give any details.

Well then it wasn’t important.

(He tries to pull her towards him)

I’m not in the mood to be your plaything. You can go home to get that cause I’m not going to give it to you.

Now, don’t start about Clara. I love you.

Don’t start that stuff. Your married to her. I’m just the woman on the side remember.
(He grab her arm and was about to say something when a load knock sounded at the outer door)
I should go get that it’s probably Jack. So release me so I can let him in.
(He lets go of her arm and sits back down at his desk to collect his thoughts before Jack comes in.)
(Miss. Clark opens the outer door and greats Jack)
Hello Jack, is your wife alright now.

Yes, she will be better in the morning when I’m there to help clean up the party mess. She’ll be furies if I’m not.

(He laughed a little but was sure Betty would have his hide if he didn’t make it back by at least 11am.)

Well you better get in there so she’ll won’t be mad at you.

(She pushed him toward Mr.Walker’s office.)

Open Jack just getting home from work and find that his Father in-law is dropping the kids off from last night.

You’re late.

I know, I tried not to be.

Well Betty’s and the children are in the kitchen having lunch.

Alright, well I’ll head in there to let them know I’m home.

He heads for the kitchen hearing the laughter of his family.

(Jack enters the kitchen and is greeted by his smilingly family)

Your late.

I know I’m sorry I tried to leave early but…

(Betty cut him off with her hand on his lips.)

I know it’s alright


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Jack Collins – Married to Betty they have three children Steven, Riley and Ivy. Age 33
Betty Collins – Married to Jack they have three children Steven, Riley and Ivy. Age 29
Steven Collins – Age 8-9
Riley Collins – Age 5-6
Ivy Collins – Age 1-2
Ronald Westcote – Betty’s father. Age 64
Amy Crawley – Married to Harold they have two children Daniel and Rose. Age 30
Harold Crawley- Married to Amy they have two children Daniel and Rose. Age 32
Daniel Crawley- Age 10
Rose Crawley- Age 5
Millie Harkins- Married to Sam they have one child George and another one on the way. Age 28.
Sam Harkins- Married to Millie they have a child called George and another one on the way. Age 34
George Harkins – Age 4
Matthew Hotton – The nextdoor nabor that is in love with Betty. Age 30
Maxine Gabler – Is Jack’s secretary at his work, shes madly in love with him and is over joyed when she hears that hes getting divorced from Betty. Age 26
Mr. Johnthan Walker – Jacks boss having an afair with Miss. Clark with secretary.
Miss. Lauren Clark – Having an afair with her boss Mr. Walker. Age 25
Adam Lewis – Age 27 is in love with Miss. Clark. Age 45
Harvey Walker – Age 30 has the hots for Maxine but ends up not likeing her in the end. Son of Johnathan Walker. he works for him but dose not enjoy the work. Hates that his father is cheating on his mother.

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