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Thi are the love
of my life.
I love you so
as honey on my lips.
That I can’t live
you my Prince.


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Your Face

The way your face reacts to my smile,
Unlocks my heart to the love that you give,
So willingly, to me just like thoughts before
You build my dreams up and
Put them in the clouds
For us to gaze upon from below,

I gaze at you with love in my eyes
for you to see and smile at
as you kiss my lips softly
with the love that we make.

I wish with every part of my hear that is left
that we never part.
For I would cry day and night
and never love another.
And the dreams that we put in those clouds
would crash to earth with such a sound
that I hope you would here and
remember for ever
the girls heart that you broke
beyond repair.

And so I wish on every star
that I see at night
that you will never leave me behind
and that I shall always be in your heart
and in every thought that you have
for you are always on my mind.

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