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Falling leafs

I dance through the falling leafs
Thinking of are love and how it would have been
Now that you have left me behind.
I did not let myself cry
after you left me far behind.
I forgot about you the day that you left
Though, I have a fleeting thought
of you through the days
that I dance in the falling leaves.


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I cry for you

I cry for you
and I don’t know why
it’s only because our moment
is past.
Though there was no love
I still cry for you.
Like a morning dove
in the evening.
I hate feeling this way
alone with only
my thoughts of you
and my tears.

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A thousand goodbyes
could not free me
from my loneliness
of leaving you.
I wish for
Forever to be bye
you’re side.
I wish to see your
smiling face
when i wake and
for me to watch you
as you sleep.
You know that I
would do anything
to have you for forever
and never say goodbye.

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The bleakness of the night
the wind howls out side my window
sleet and rain bores against it.
On this night I am alone
with out a love of my own
I sadden from not having love.
Afraid that I will not find a love
that will love me the way I need to be,
For my love doesn’t last.
But out there
there is some one that will love me with all
The passion that I need.
For now I will wait.

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America I’ve given you all and now I’m nothing
I have come back to your shore
form a distant land where my eyes
were released from your
I am free as the crow in the sky.
It is funny to think that you
want to cover my eyes once again
but I won’t let you.
I shall spread my thoughts
to the wind
So others can be torn away from
your rusted chains
That hold woman to stoves
and men to desks.
Their children forced to believe
things that aren’t real.
America were have you gone.
The one that I knew
when I was a child
Is now gone from my life
never to return to me
So I shan’t waist my tears
for you.

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Fair thee well!

Fair thee well!
Fair thee well!
Let us meet again
down this dark and lonely road.
To where I stand
I promise I’ll come back
to you my love.

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