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I dream of you

I dream of you,
though I have never seen
your face.
Only in a photograph.
I wait here still
In the night
to see if you will come
again in my dreams.


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Lightly kiss
my cheek
as I sing
to you
a lullaby.

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I see your eyes

I see your eyes
as I sleep
They haut my
Almost every night.

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Full moon

Majestic is the night
With there shining golden moon
Makes me want to dance
Under your majestic light
I wish to dance with the fairies
While listening to the owl’s mournful cries
I shall dance till the light of dawn
Breaks through the lonely darkness.
I shall head home
Then I to sleep in my bed.

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To never wake again
for ever in my dreams world
I shall wither away
and leave dust.
But shall my dreams live on?
They must, they must
for I wish for them to carry on living
after my destruction.

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Sleep like death

Sleep like death
comes in the night
to haunt our dreams,
of what is to come,
and what has past.
all so are worst nightmare.

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Child’s Dream

Children dream about summer thrills,
and winter chills.
Of stars that glitter
and the moon that flickers.
They dream and dream which seems forever
till the morning light.

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