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Winter walking

Winter walking is grand
As you take my hand
As we walk in the falling snow
That falls around us.


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Dancing in the rain

Dancing in the rain
Today it stormed and
I found myself in your arms.
We danced as the rain fell
socking us through.
I must say that it was romantic
and I wish to remember it forever
till my dieing day.

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Rain… she barely noticed it as it came down upon her.
It was hurting again. She didn’t want it to hurt anymore.
She wanted it to stop. She wanted to be happy again.
No, not happy. That only made it worse.
She wanted to be numb. To feel nothing.

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The bleakness of the night
the wind howls out side my window
sleet and rain bores against it.
On this night I am alone
with out a love of my own
I sadden from not having love.
Afraid that I will not find a love
that will love me the way I need to be,
For my love doesn’t last.
But out there
there is some one that will love me with all
The passion that I need.
For now I will wait.

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Aged figure

Upon a snowy mountain
walks a aged figure.
He has gathered wisdom in his years
he now travels alone
with out resin of were he going.

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The snow that falls from the sky
showers us with white flacks.
the wind blows them about
blurring their view.

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