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Abraham Hurst December 27, 1842. Age 54 in 1896. Thinks his sons should fallow in his footsteps. Thinks James being a detective is foolish. Is furious when James runs away with his girlfriend. He thinks that she is ruining his son’s chances of being a lawyer. He sets out to find them and drag James back home and send Katherine away.
Vivian Hurst June 16, 1849. Age 47 in 1896. Thinks all her children should fallow there own dreams. Thinks that Katherine is right for her son. Is rather heartbroken when James runs away with her because she wanted to be present at there wedding. Is thinking that her husband and eldest son is over reacting about James and Katherine. Her Daughter tells her that James has asked Katherine to marry him but there waiting awhile.
Abraham Hurst Jr. November 10, 1870. Age 26 1896. Thinks that his young brother is foolish. Thinks Katherine should be sent to the convent thinking that she must be pregnant. Wondering why his brother would be so stupid. Try to hunt down his brother for his father. seeing how there the only two bothered that they ran away.
Florence Hurst Weston May 26, 1875. Age 21 1896. Marries when she is 24. Looks after her younger brother and is the one to tell him to run away with Katherine. Lets her mother know that where they are but refuses to tell her father. She becomes furies and marries Charles with out her fathers consent. Her mother is present also James and Katherine. They move closer to where James and Katherine are staying. Pays the bills for the hotel.
Charles Weston October 14, 1873. Age 23 1896.
Caitlin Weston June 1, 1906.
Emma Weston January 23, 1908.
Anne Weston March 9, 1911.
James Hurst April 17 1879. Age 17 in 1896. Meets Katherine when he is 17 and falls madly in love with her. He’s in school which he wishes to be over with. He wants to be a Detective while his father wishes for him to be a lawyer like his older brother. He introduces his sister’s husband to her. 1899 May Three years after James is out of law school he meets up with Katherine and they run away together away from his father. He and Katherine live in an expensive hotel under assumed names. They live very happily together. James lets her sleep on bed while he sleeps on the floor not wishing to take advantage of her because he is a man and has an attraction for her and feared to have her parents come after him. James tries to get a job at the local police department but they think that he is too young. But he is persistent. Because he knows that he wants to marry Katherine and that his father will disown him. So he wanted to make some money for them when they start a family. He asks Katherine to marry him just before he hears that his father knows where he is. He also gets word that from the Police department about a man that is wanted for the crimes that his men have done for him and he himself. He has to beg the police department to let him be on there team to find this man.
Katherine Murray Hurst August 2, 1879. Age 17 in 1896. Meets James and falls in love with him. She’s at finishing school but hates it. Finished her finishing school a year before James finished his degree. James comes to get her and tells her that there going to run off together. She leaves a letter with her parents explaining. They live near the top floor Katherine works at the hotel in discized as someone else James dose not know she’s keeping the money till they need it. Worried about what will happen when James’s Father finds them.
Katherine Hurst February 27, 1905.
Dillon Hurst July 4, 1908.
Gordon Hurst August, 5 1911.
Josephine Hurst October, 10 1914.

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