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I dream of you

I dream of you,
though I have never seen
your face.
Only in a photograph.
I wait here still
In the night
to see if you will come
again in my dreams.


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The moon and stars

The moon and stars
are out tonight
as I sit here in the dark,
music plays softly in the house
a cold breeze passes over me
but I don’t feel it.
I let out a sigh and
find my breath can be seen.

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Full moon

Majestic is the night
With there shining golden moon
Makes me want to dance
Under your majestic light
I wish to dance with the fairies
While listening to the owl’s mournful cries
I shall dance till the light of dawn
Breaks through the lonely darkness.
I shall head home
Then I to sleep in my bed.

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Night Train

The nightly train
makes me think of you
when it calls
in the darkness
of the night.
When we are apart
though not faraway.
So think of me when you
hear the train at night.

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The bleakness of the night
the wind howls out side my window
sleet and rain bores against it.
On this night I am alone
with out a love of my own
I sadden from not having love.
Afraid that I will not find a love
that will love me the way I need to be,
For my love doesn’t last.
But out there
there is some one that will love me with all
The passion that I need.
For now I will wait.

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Russian nights

I miss those Russian
towns that talk at night
some known or not.
Bonded to mother Russia.

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night sky

The night sky is
darted with stars
they sparkle down
on us from the heavens.

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