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This is my boyfriends number one driver and my second favorite driver.




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To you

To you i owe so much
your blessed love
means so much.
That I still feel
toughs butterfly’s
in my stomach
at the very sight of you.
the way you smile and
laugh, that laugh that you have.
The way you look even now
with your eyes of blue-green
that I love so much
The thought of your lose is great
that i can hardly stand it
but to think of you so
hurts so much that i can hardly function.
All i hope if for use to be together
and to never part.

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My dear

My dear
to be near you
completes me so
that i feel so lonely
when you are not there.
My dear
your smile
milts my
blackened soul.
From so many
broken promises
so keep my heart
securely in a box
for only you
it glows.

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I must say
with out hesitation
I want you
forever and a day.
But I know from fires burt
to ashes
I have learned not to believe
a single word
of love and devotion
or never leavening my side.
For in the end
they do
like melting snow in springs
sunny days
so don’t worry
I shall understand
when you go
that I shall
die alone.

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Night Train

The nightly train
makes me think of you
when it calls
in the darkness
of the night.
When we are apart
though not faraway.
So think of me when you
hear the train at night.

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The sonnet of my love for you
burns me so deeply
that i want to cry form the amount
of love that i have for you.
No other shall ever have you
for I shall keep you as mine
till it falls apart
like leaves in autumn
from tress
you shall fall from my grasp
and i shall be sad
with your lose.

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A thousand goodbyes
could not free me
from my loneliness
of leaving you.
I wish for
Forever to be bye
you’re side.
I wish to see your
smiling face
when i wake and
for me to watch you
as you sleep.
You know that I
would do anything
to have you for forever
and never say goodbye.

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