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Not knowing where he’s going
With that music playing in his ears,
So loud and demanding.


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My mind flutters

My mind flutters
at your thought
the way that you look at me
and how you tend to drop the subject so easly
when i ask you something.
but you think that i can not see your feeling
when you look at me.
though i wish i could read your mind so many times
because you just keep me at a distence.
though i think you like me more then you let on.

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Rain… she barely noticed it as it came down upon her.
It was hurting again. She didn’t want it to hurt anymore.
She wanted it to stop. She wanted to be happy again.
No, not happy. That only made it worse.
She wanted to be numb. To feel nothing.

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Do you even care

Do you miss me when
I’m not there
do you even care.
when im not there
beside you.
Do you even care.

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