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Fall to peices

I fall to peices,
when you are not near.
Though I know that you love me still.
It’s better when you are
close to me and not far.
I shall stay here in peaces
till you return.
I shall be alone.
When you return,
you shall rebuild the peaces of me.
And make me hole again.


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My mind flutters

My mind flutters
at your thought
the way that you look at me
and how you tend to drop the subject so easly
when i ask you something.
but you think that i can not see your feeling
when you look at me.
though i wish i could read your mind so many times
because you just keep me at a distence.
though i think you like me more then you let on.

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My love

My love
Loves me like a summer breeze
I know from his kisses.
That his love will never leave me
or deceive me.
That I can give him all of my heart
to be broken.

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Love not found

Love not found
My love in my heart
Can’t be given to just any
He has not been found
wondering near me.
For I have heard his
Or have I?
Maybe it breaths load and clear
next to my ear
but I do not hear it.

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I need your kiss,
your touch.
To get me through the day
as well to hear my name
pass your lips.

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Love hurts

I love you so,
that my heart is in such
pain when your away.
That I can’t think or
even breath with out you.

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Thi are the love
of my life.
I love you so
as honey on my lips.
That I can’t live
you my Prince.

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